Llama Love

IMG_1558In honor of National Llama Day this past Saturday, I decided to put together a fun post about llamas! If you know me very well at all or been around here for even a short bit of time, you already know my crazy love for llamas! Now I know you clicked over here because you were hoping for a really good story about my llama love. So you are probably going to be disappointed when I tell you that I’m not really sure when or why the crazy obsession began. I wish I had some fabulous story to share with you that traced back to when I first discovered what a llama was or an event that changed how I viewed them forever, but I don’t. Lol. I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but stay with me here!

There is just something about the silly, sweet animal that makes me smile! You can’t look at a picture of one and not smile. Am I right?! Go scroll through some photos of llamas and let me know if you don’t find yourself smiling a little bit. Go ahead…I’ll wait! —> CLICK HERE

I was obsessed with them long before they became popular and long before they were ever really talked about. I remember when people didn’t really know what the animal was. Now you can buy llama related things in just about everything. Everything from home decor, clothing apparel, bedding, ugly Christmas sweaters, you name it, you can find it now. And believe me I’m not complaining about that. I’ve already started to accumulate several llama themed things in my home, a lot of which has been gifted to me. Nothing makes me happier than when someone surprises me with something unique and special that they know only I would love! Before long people are going to be calling me the crazy llama lady, but that’s another story! Ha!


I had long wanted to visit an actually llama farm. It was one of those silly things I had on my “short” bucket list and I was eager to cross it off! This past October I was able to do just that. Shout out to K and T Llama Farm in Orville, IL for hosting a fun day of opening their farm to the public to meet all their llamas! It turns out this farm wasn’t far from where I grew up. I got to meet the llamas, see the new baby llamas (called crias), and even walk a llama! It was so much fun and lived up to everything I’d hoped it would!


So if your still reading this, (ha!) here are a few fun facts about llamas!

    • Llamas are smart and easy to train.
    • Llamas are very friendly and social animals.
    • Llama poop has almost no odor. Llama farmers refer to llama manure as “llama beans.” It makes great, eco-friendly fertilizer. Bet you didn’t know that one! How’s that for a fun fact?!
    • Llamas live to be about 20 years old.
    • A baby llama is called a “cria.” IMG_1556Mama llamas usually only have one baby at a time. Pregnancy lasts for about 350 days. Shew! I wouldn’t want to be a llama mama!
    • It’s a myth that llamas spit at humans all the time. Llamas don’t bite and they usually only spit when they’re agitated and mostly at one another. They only spit in order to establish their dominance over the other llamas.
      P.S. I will say that I once was spit on by a llama but she had a good reason. If you want to hear that story message me later! 😉
    • When one llama has an issue with another llama, it will stick its tongue out to express its displeasure. If only this was acceptable for humans too! Just kidding!
    • Llamas can reach speeds up to 35mph. So let’s hope no more gets loose and you have to go chasing after him!
    • Llamas are excellent guardians for goats and sheep. They keep coyotes and other predators away.
    • Yarn made from llama fiber is soft and lightweight, and very warm. Their wool can be made into beautiful blankets, hats, scarfs, and mittens.

This post is a reminder to be you! Be however crazy, silly, or ridiculous that you are.


I think it’s safe to say that llamas exude the word unique. They are one of a kind and just a little bit different looking.  Their fur can look a little crazy and their bottom teeth stick out funny but that’s what makes them so special. So this is a sweet little reminder for the misfits, the ones that stand out, the ones that seemingly are a bit different, and the ones with a crazy dream. Be all of that and be proud that this is exactly how you were made to be! Go be uniquely you today!


We got to meet sweet Tina the llama at Goat Yoga Nashville. She protects all the goats on the farm!

Do you have a crazy love for something? I’d love to hear about it! Sound off in the comments below. I hope that this post made you smile a little bit on this Monday! Have an amazing week my friends!

Keep shining, A. Flavio




3 thoughts on “Llama Love

  1. *Looked at Lama pictures* I have to thank you for what appears to be my most interesting read of the day so far. I now have facts about Lamas in my head. I appreciate that! 😉

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