It’s About the People

After a jammed packed, on the go, and a little crazy couple of months, I'm sitting down to soak in the calm for a minute... It's a quiet Sunday afternoon with no obligations and no place I have to be, so I found a little nook inside a coffee shop and took in all the views …

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         I don't claim to be a Miley Cyrus fan but I do believe in second chances, or third or fourth if that happens to be the case, and I do happen to like her newest song, Malibu. At first I just thought it was catchy until I heard this lyric. "I always thought I …

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I love words. Words in cursive. Words in print. Words written in the form of a letter or words spoken from the mouth. I love words. Words are beautiful and description. They are powerful and gracious. They roll off the tongue so effortlessly without even a thought. Words warm hearts and produce smiles and laughter. …

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