Don’t Hide Your MAGIC

Don’t hide your magic. The world needs it.

Did you read that and then ask yourself, “hmm wonder what my magic is?”.  You see it in other people from time to time; that thing that lights them up, sets them apart, attracts you to them, shines right off of their face, but you’re  wondering if that same kind of magic sparkles off you too. You might be wondering if you have EVER had that kind of magic within you?
Shhh get quiet for a second. Come in close…
YOU were made with magic.
It’s there, inside of you. It might look different from someone else’s but I promise you it’s there.
It took me a long time to own my own magic. It took me a long time to learn to just be me, the me I was created to be. It took a long time to easily be comfortable in my own skin, to stop wishing I was someone else or something that I was not. If you are not there yet, I want that for you too. When you finally get to that place there is so much freedom you’ll feel like you finally found yourself!  It doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days or insecure days. I still do. Just the other week I had a couple days where I wanted to give up on everything and I told myself all the mean, ugly things about me. You are going to have those days still….where the lies creep in and try to take over, but you’ll get to a point when you have less of those kind of days because you know the beautiful person God created you to be and you’ll own that, you’ll believe it, and it will show up in how you live your life.
When was the last time you got really excited about something? I mean REALLY excited?! When was the last time you felt passionate about something in your life? When was the last time you exploded to a friend about something you really cared about?
It’s time to let it out!
It was put there for a purpose because the world needs what you’ve got. Only you can do YOU! By keeping your special magic all tied up inside, you are doing the world a disservice by not sharing it. You may think it’s small and insignificant but I promise you there is nothing insignificant about you! You were made on purpose for a purpose…because the world needs YOU!
Still wondering what your magic is?? Keep tuning in. I’m going to help you discover it! 🙂
As always, I love hearing from you and your story, so I’d love for you to respond below!
There is nothing insignificant about you!


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