Dear 2017


Dear 2017,

Thank you 2017 for showing up and showering me with so much goodness! I needed you to arrive. I needed a clean slate and a fresh direction.

You showed up and exceeded all my expectations. You brought real life dreams to life, some silly, some unexpected and some through a lot of hard work. You came at just the right time. You brought about experiences that made my heart come alive again. You were spontaneous, fun, adventurous, and full of moments that pushed me to be brave. You taught me how to follow my heart and stay true to myself. You were about a whole lot of yes’s and a few no’s. You were hard and uncertain so many times. You weren’t perfect but you were what I needed.

2017 you were my favorite, you were my blessing, you were my answer.

I almost didn’t want to say goodbye because you were so good to me, but I know I have to let you go and let 2018 be all that it’s meant to be!

2017, you’ll be remembered. This is my thank you.

A. Flavio


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