About Flavio

Hey there! I’m April but it makes my heart happy most when people call me by my last name, Flavio, hints the name of my blog. I’m a Midwest girl with country roots but a spice of city in my soul. I’m a music lover, concert junkie, coffee connoisseur, Jesus follower, and fashion enthusiast. I’m a little bit obsessed with donuts, hotdogs, summer, fireworks and a good thrift find. My happy place is somewhere soaking up the sun with the perfect drink in hand. I’m most passionate about relationships and encouraging people to live out their best self, the simple things in life, and living in the moment. Most people view me as the quiet girl that doesn’t say much but if you really know me you know that’s not true. Typically you can find me over dressed for the part and wearing heels.
And underneath all that is just a simple girl, making mistakes, learning to live this life day by day, trying not to worry about what the future holds and being incredibly grateful for all that God has given me. Follow along with me to see where this journey in life takes me!

3 thoughts on “About Flavio

  1. Hello! I came across your blog when I was reading Holly Whatley’s post about being single. I’m actually married but I notice that you live in Quincy and are a lifestyle blogger. I’ve been blogging for eight years and it’s rare when I come across another that’s in the same vicinity as me. Pretty cool!

  2. Hello! I came across your blog after reading comments that Holly Whatley posted on a post from The Crossing about being single. I’m actually married but I”m a blogger too. Have been doing it for eight years at www(dot)heckofabunch(dot)com. It’s rare that I find someone in the same vicinity that also blogs. Pretty cool!

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