Decisions, decisions


If your anything like me you struggle to make decisions. I’m the worst at them. I’m a thinker and an analyzer so I tend to think through every decision thoroughly and evaluate if I’m making the best decision possible for my life. Some times I annoy my own self with my decision making process. I tend to overthink things to the point of doing more harm than good. Let’s face it, adulting can be tough and some days I wish someone else could make decisions for me. 🙂

In the last couple months I’ve been doing some evaluating in some areas of my life trying to decide whether to continue or quit a few things. And after a lot of thought and soul searching these are the questions I found myself asking. So I’m here to share in case you’re terrible at making a decision like me. 😉

1. Why did you start doing it in the first place?
More than likely you started something for a particular reason so remind yourself of what that reason was.

2. Does that reason still hold true to what you want to be accomplishing now?
Once you’ve reminded yourself why you started it in the first place, ask yourself does that still hold true today? If it doesn’t,  maybe it’s no longer the right fit for you in your life right now.

3. If you quit, what thing or activity will replace it?
Some times we are persuaded to quit something so it will free up our time, but almost always we will find something else to fill that time. So is that activity that’s going to fill that time slot a better chose?

4. Do you love it? Does it bring you joy?
The amount of love and joy some thing may bring to your life might be enough of an answer right there. How much do you love it?

5. Does it fulfill part of your purpose?
Is it adding value and fulfillment to your purpose in life or is it pushing you in the opposite direction? It’s important to know what your purpose is in life and then ask yourself if it’s pointing you toward that purpose.

After answering these questions about a few things in my life I felt confident about my decision in the end! So next time your trying to decide do I need this in my life? Should I be doing this or should I be doing something else? Do I press on or do I quit? Ask yourself these questions and if your honest with yourself you might find the answers you’re looking for. 🙂

Keep shining, A. Flavio


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