Go For It

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a post. I’ve been a little MIA, if you will. I’ve missed hanging out with my readers on this little blog of mine. Lately, I’ve felt a little wordless, a little uninspired. Dont get me wrong, that doesn’t mean my life isn’t great or that I don’t have anything exciting to share with you all. Just the opposite really, life is good and I’m extremely grateful and lucky to live this life I’ve been given!

One of my New Years resolutions was to write something every day, even if it was just a couple sentences or a simple to do list. I also wanted to be intentional about carving out time to schedule dates with myself to just write, refocus, and get inspired. I simply wanted to get in the habit of always writing something even if it wasn’t much. So far, I haven’t been real great at getting in the habit of doing so. Mostly because I just haven’t put it on the priority list often enough.

So today, (written on a Saturday) I had nowhere I needed to be so I sat down at the table with my coffee and my pen and paper and waited for the words to come. And just like that the words started to flood onto my notebook. Words I didn’t know I had. The very words I had been waiting for this past month. Words that made my heart come alive. And all it took was for me to get quiet, step away from the day to day chaos, to realize they were there all the time. I just had to take the time to find them.

So today I’m here to encourage you! I want to encourage you to do that one thing you’ve been putting off. The one thing you’ve pushed to the side a thousand times. You put it at the bottom of the list because perhaps you don’t think you have it in you or you don’t have what it takes. Maybe you tell yourself it’s just not that important or it won’t really matter to anyone. Stop waiting for the perfect time or the right occasion or for everyone to jump on board with you and just go for it! It only takes one step; one small step that could lead to something great! You might just be surprised at what has been waiting to pour out of you!

As always
Keep shining,
A.Flavio 🙂


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