Just Ask

Can one small question have the power to change the direction your on?!

I’ve always been one of those people that did a lot of things on my own. Sometimes that was simply for no other reason but because I had to and other times it was because I was stubborn or too afraid to ask for help. Relying on other people can be hard and uncertain at times. Let’s face it we are human and we have all failed people at some point in our lives. I’d always tell myself, “April you can do it, you can figure it out on your own”. A lot of good that has come from that mindset. It’s developed me into an independent and strong woman in times I didn’t think I could be. It’s taught me to do new things and stretched me to push forward when I didn’t want to. For all those things I’m extremely grateful for. However, what I’m here to tell you today (and tell myself as well) is that sometimes it’s okay to ask! Sometimes it’s more than okay, it’s actually necessary.

Have you ever considered that maybe that person your needing to ask for something might just need you to ask as much as you needed to ask? And by not asking they are missing out on some lesson or experience or joy just as much as you might be? Let that soak in for a moment! Go back and read those sentences again and ponder that! Think of all the opportunities that might be sitting on the other side of the question?

I’ve experienced this several times especially in the last several months. I was nervous to ask for a favor or help with something but turns out when I finally did amazing things came out it! Things that I very much believe could impact my future in exciting ways. I wonder now if I had never asked how different the end result might have been.

What if we just start asking more and stop being so afraid of the end result? What’s the worst thing that could happen? Sure they might say no, and if they do it will just prep you to be that much braver to ask the next time the opportunity arises. And if they say yes, who knows where that little yes could take you! Let’s be brave together and ask! Who do you need to ask for help today?

Always keep shining,
A. Flavio 🙂


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