This past year of my life has been difficult. It’s not been easy. And as much as I’d love to say how easy the road has been, I can’t. I had no idea that the changes I so desperately wanted were going to be so tough. It wasn’t easy leaving everything I knew and going some where new. It wasn’t easy leaving a job that I loved and stepping into a field I knew nothing about. It wasn’t easy trying to meet new people and do new things. It wasn’t easy getting my heart broken. It wasn’t easy trying to make a house and a town feel like my home again. It wasn’t easy not knowing what each new day would bring. But through it all I’ve kept holding onto the only thing I know.

Last night I asked God for peace in a lot of areas of my life. I flat out begged him at one point. And today God showed up, because that’s what he does. Always showing up when we need Him. He showed up more than once in the form of sweet humans that were a blessing and an encouragement to me far more than they will ever probably know. That’s what God does. He shows up, never leaves us hanging, always reassuring us that He’s got this so that we don’t have to. ❤️


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