Tattered Pages

Are you having regrets? Are you wishing your story had gone a little differently? Are there pages from your journey you wish you could cut out? Are you tired of rereading those tattered pages?
I’m not usually one to regret too many things, because I believe everything happens for a reason and can somehow serve a purpose even if it takes a long time. I’ve seen that take place time after time in my life.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should live out their story and share it proudly; the good, the bad and the ugly. Sadly, I will admit though that there have been a few parts of my story I wish I could white out the words or rip out the pages and burn altogether. I’m sure there are things in your story that you wish you could erase, or rewrite. Those times in your life you wish you could go back and change things or receive a do over. But what I realize is every single one of those pages whether they be worn and tattered or freshly printed are all a part of something greater, something beautiful to come. They shape us and mold us. They make us bolder and make us stronger. They give us character and definition. They grow our hearts with compassion and understanding. They turn us into exactly who we are suppose to be.  While in the midst of living out your story it’s not always easy or glamorous or even enjoyable at times, but it’s still all part of a plan much greater. So, if you are over there regretting some chapters, may this be the truth that we hold onto today! Each word, each sentence, each paragraph, each page; it matters!


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