Back to Blogging!


I’ve taken a bit of blog hiatus, but I’m back and excited to share so much with you! There are probably a lot of reasons for taking a break from it, but simply because I was making a few other important things a priority for awhile.

When I started blogging I wanted it to be a platform that encouraged people, got them excited about something or made them smile. I hope that along the way I’ve done that for at least one person, but it really turned into a tool that helped me personally more than I ever realized it would. I’ve never been great at throwing my personal life or thoughts out into the world. This blog has helped me to be more open and real with you! I want this blog to reflect my heart and my passions; whether it’s about the journeys life takes or some silly thing in life that makes me happy! So here’s to blogging and sharing our hearts together!
I want to hear from you all as well! What would you love to hear me blog about?  What life or beauty questions do you have? Send them my way!
Until next time…keep shining peeps!
With much love,
A. Flavio

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