“Share the Love”

IMG_20141107_151538This coming season is all about being thankful and showing love for the people around us. Often times we get caught up in the chaos of it all that we forget what it’s really about. This year let’s make a difference together!  I invite you to join me in “sharing the love”!

Who in your life has been a blessing to you? Who are you thankful for that you haven’t told lately? Who do you know that needs encouraged or deserves a little pick me up?

Here’s how the #sharethelove campaign works:

1. Put together a special gift box and mail it to a friend. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive; just put some thought into it. Inside the box you will put 2 gift bags. The recipient of the box will keep one gift and then mail the other gift to whom they wish.

2. If you are the recipient of the gift box and you wish to keep it going, you can create your own share the love box and send it out.

3. We want to hear your stories! So share what you received on your favorite social media site and be sure to use the hashtag #sharethelove to help spread this campaign.

I will be sending out my own share the love boxes once a week. I hope some of you will be on the receiving end! Let someone’s day shine brighter because of you! Who’s with me??! #sharethelove #startsinmissouri


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