The simple life!


My goal this past year has been to savor the simple things in life.  I’ve come to realize that it really is the little things that bring me joy, make me smile, and simply make my day  sometimes.  I’m someone that tends to always be looking back at the  “good times” and wishing for them back or spend too much time stressing  or worry about what’s to come. I get so consumed by these things that I miss  out on the really good moments. This past year stress in my life was  taken to a new level and I decided I had to do something about it.  My first step in removing stress from my life was to start relishing in the smallest, simplest things in life. I’m certainly high maintenance about some things, but when it comes down to it I’m still a simple girl at heart that  grew up in a small town. 🙂

This past month I took a trip to  Vermont to visit a friend.  Vermont is a beautiful state!   I believe  that the majority of the people that live there like the simple things.  That state just has an ora about it that says fresh, earthy, back to the basics simplicity.  This trip really allowed me to step away from my every day life and just relax. One of things we did was take a bike ride along the lake front to downtown for dinner.  I haven’t really had many  opportunities to bike ride in the last few years.  It’s something I loved to do when I was a little kid.  When I wanted to get away and  think and have time to myself I’d get on my bike and ride out into the  country.  I loved it and miss that so much!  The ride was a beautiful  ride along the lake at sunset!  I’m not in the greatest shape I’ve ever  been in so the ride back after eating a cheeseburger, fries, and a cremee let’s just say was a bit of a struggle! 🙂 All in all I enjoyed  the ride!

It’s the simple things! I’ll be writing more about the  simple things later on! So stay tuned! What simple things bring joy in your life?


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