Love the people around you…

…because you never know who might be hurting. Some times it is in the simplest words or actions done by someone that make my day better! We never know  who around us might be really hurting. Many days I forget to go the extra mile to do something special for some one but it’s something I want to be more mindful of. I know what a difference people have made in my  life by some thing so simple they did for me. Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by the stories of people close to me and those that I don’t even personally know that are struggling through life. I want to make an impact and be a light of encouragement to people. It’s an awful feeling to feel alone in this world and so many people struggle with that daily. We never know when our smile or extra “hello, how are you?” makes an impact on someone. So I’m encouraging you along with myself to love the people around you, because you may be the only one showing them love that day! You never know what kind of difference you may make…wouldn’t it be worth it to try?! 🙂            
“Let’s all meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
-Mother Teresa

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