dermalogica-skinperfect-primerIn the next few weeks I’m going to be blogging about some of my Favorite products. I get asked this question a lot in my line of work so thought I’d share a little. I work in a salon so over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to try a variety of products from hair to skin. Some things on the market that you try are just ok and then there are others that totally wow you and you never want to use another product again!

So, my absolute favorite product on the market right now is Dermalogica’s SkinPerfect Primer.  This product came out about a year ago and it is completely amazing! Let me just share with you all the benefits in this little tube!

  • brightens and primes your skin for a flawless look
  • smooths away fine lines and evens out skin tones
  • SPF of 30 to shield against sun damage
  • controls oil for a matte look that lasts all day long
  • stimulates collagen production to increase skin firmness
  • extends wear of makeup

What more could you ask for in one product alone?! Wear alone or under your makeup  for an all day perfect look! I won’t leave home without it! Do you have favorite products you won’t leave home without? I’d love to hear about them! For the first 4 people that comment on my blog I will send you a sample of the primer to try!

Thanks for reading!

A Flavio 🙂


4 thoughts on “Favorites!

  1. They are putting a Dermologica store right below where I work soon! With the humidity in Atlanta, I am in need of something that is going to keep that matte finish throughout the day. Can’t wait to try this product!

    I absolutely cannot leave the house without They’re Real mascara by Benefit. Cannot find anything even remotely comparable! And moisturizer. I have a hard time finding a moisturizer that is either not too heavy or makes my skin extremely oily after just a short period of time. I’ve been currently using Trader Joe’s Enrich face lotion with SPF.

    I have also not seen the sun too much this summer, so I’ve been using Fake Bake’s gradual self tanner. I’m nervous about trying these products on my face. Do you have any recommendations or what I could do so I don’t look like a monkey?

    Great post, April!

    1. Megan,
      Thanks for your reply! You will need to go check out the Dermalogica store. I assure you that you will love the primer! I too have oily skin but I don’t have to worry about getting shiny throughout the day while using it.

      I may have to try out your mascara! Tune in this week and next week for my favorite mascara and self tanner. Fake Bake is a pretty good product but can be kind of messy and a pain to apply. I have a better one for you. 🙂

      Your samples will be on there way to you! I’ll send you a moisturizer to try as well. It’s in the Dermalogica line. It’s lightweight, has an SPF, and has anti aging properties…because who doesn’t want to start combatting that early. 🙂

      Thanks for reading Megan! Hope you are doing well!

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