On Purpose

Encourage |
:to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope


As long as I can remember it’s always been my heart’s desire to be an encouragement to the people around me. I desire to see you really truly live out the best version of you. That doesn’t mean your life has to be perfect or fancy or what the world views as the right way. It simple means that you are living out the very best of you and the person God created you to be no matter what difficulties life throws at you.


I majored in counseling for a reason. It was because I got such excitement when I saw people succeed, when I saw people make real life changes and grow from them. It gave me the highest honor any time I was the tiniest bit a part of that growth. Years ago I walked away from helping people because I thought I wasn’t good enough. For years I have fought and wrestled with not accepting that my true calling is to encourage people. I always felt like that wasn’t a good enough or big enough purpose, that surely God had something better for me. Time and time again He would remind that this was my true heart’s desire. Through close friends, random strangers, and life events He would over and over again show me this was who I was. I kept fighting and searching for some thing else. I’d continually say, “No, but what’s my real purpose in life? It surely can’t be to just encourage people.”

And then I finally surrendered to the fact that this was in fact it. This was what I was created for, this was my purpose, and what a mighty big purpose it was indeed.  Oh the plans God has for you are never small or insignificant. He wired me in just the right way on purpose for a purpose….and I’m ready to start living it!

I’m going to share very soon what that looks like and some exciting new things I’m going to be offering! So please stay tuned and on this journey with me! Much more to come in the next few weeks! Love to you all!

If this resonates with you and you too have struggled to see your very own purpose in life, let me know in the comment box below! I would love to get to know you!




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