Your Story

Your story has been leading you to this very point in life. Do you believe that?
Do you ever feel like your story might have gotten lost, took a turn down the wrong page, or never got past chapter one?
Perhaps you feel like the Author of your life somehow forgot to keep writing or missed the point of the story all together? Does the ending seem all wrong, you know, the way you thought it was supposed to go?? Maybe you found yourself somewhere you didn’t expect to be, almost as though someone got confused and inserted you into a story that wasn’t your own anymore. It no longer seemed familiar.

My story isn’t perfect. It’s not how I envisioned it. It’s not always ideal but I can see the purpose for my life has always remained the same over the years. I’ve searched high and low so many times to seek out what I thought was my true purpose in my life’s story. I can look back 10-15 years ago and see God was preparing me, leading the path to today. The whispers of purpose He spoke over me then are still true for today. Oftentimes, our purpose is sitting right under our nose but we ignore it or avoid it because we think, surely there is a different plan, a better one.
Your story matters! 
If you’re questioning that today I want to encourage you. Whether you are in the best season of your life or in a season of hurting and struggle, it all matters. Every moment is part of the piece leading to a place you were created to be. Hold onto that because it is what will get you through the tough times and the days of doubting.
I took a day off work not long ago so I could sit and create without all the regular daily distractions. A day to do some of the things I should have done years ago- a day to do the things that truly bring me joy. Throughout the day, God repeatedly said to me, “This is what I created you for; this is your purpose.”
So know this-  in the midst of your story lies a purpose. A purpose so unique to who YOU are that only you can carry it out! That’s the really cool thing about our God! He made each of us so different and so special and loved us enough to design a purpose so uniquely to your gifts and passions.
Pause, so you can see it.
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Keep shining, A. Flavio




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