It’s always an honor to be able to support a friend going after their dreams!

If you know me at all you know that I’m a dreamer at heart but what excites me just as much, is to watch other people’s dreams, hard work, and creations come to life!

“Troubler” is Elijah Burrell’s second creation of poems! His book just launched last month and I’m so excited to share with you a few teasers from it!


This book is a collection of poems bound together to tell a story of love and loss. It’s raw and real with words that come off the pages that will make you undoubtedly feel something. From beginning to end it will take you on a journey, one that you’ll find yourself relating to somewhere along the way. Sit back and enjoy! 🙂


“driven from my mud-chunk home
by pebbles slung from the wild
hands of boys

The larders stocked, I’ll feed
forever on orb weavers
and forget words like prognosis

and treatment . I’ll be the sting,
not the sting, and Death
will hear my hum in his own worn-out ears.”
-from “Tonight, I Wish I Were a Dirt Dauber”

“Before they walk back to the hotel
he springs for a plate of pancakes.
She closes her eyes, prays.
He tries to believe she is the one.
Her eyes spill across his face
like dishes just before they break.
He taps the table with his thumbs…”
– from “Eyes”

“I fell through you, somehow, wet
with music and breath, to get to then
and someday, with thumbs to play
and ears to know…”
– from “Half My Life”

“A jolt, and my rod bends to the deep, it’s tip
almost submerged. In the air one half stretches
to meet its rough reflection on the water.
This shape, I know it now. Only in being
bent, does the heart become the heart it’s meant to.”
– from “By This Pond” 


So if you wish to be a part of the dream making, go HERE to grab your very own copy of “Troubler”!
Or to read more about the author, his other works of art, and where he’ll be headed to next, check out his site HERE or go give him a follow HERE and HERE!


32729FEB-84B8-4208-861D-CAED481DA944Beautifully written Eli! Always keep writing and sharing your gift with the world! Thankful for the opportunity to showcase your amazing work! Keep shining, my friend!

*A Milking Cow Production

Keep shining, A. Flavio


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