The Quiet

The absence of noise.

The quiet often feels uncomfortable to us.

When conversations get quiet we can’t handle the awkward silence so we quickly fill up the space with words.
When we are lonely we grasp for any opportunity to fill our time with people and activities.
When our calendars look open, we fill it with more events.
We often find ourselves saying yes more than we say no.
We surround ourselves with so much busy that when the moments of quiet happen we don’t know what to do with them.

I think some times we are afraid of the quiet. Afraid that if we allow ourselves to just sit in the quiet, we might feel things we don’t want to feel.

I often don’t like the quiet either. It can be such a difficult space to navigate. It can feel so lonely, so isolating. I had a friend express to me recently about their season of quiet. Words like hard, lonely, defeating, and confusing were used to describe it.

I’ve been in many seasons of quiet. I was in one not too long ago.
One I wanted to escape. One I wanted to fill with anything just so I didn’t have to sit with myself and feel things I didn’t want to feel. This wasn’t a quiet I welcomed. You know the kind you go searching for because you feel ready to shut out the “noise” for awhile? No, this was the kind that just took up residence in my life without an invitation.

But I survived it and you know what happened on the other side of that quiet season? New inspiration, clear direction, and a tiny piece of my dream coming to life

I’m not sure I would have got to that place if I hadn’t experienced the quiet first. I’m not sure I would have found the inspiration I was looking for if I had not allowed myself to stay quiet for such a time as this.

Facetune_05-06-2018-19-59-38God uses the quiet to get our attention, to show us things we wouldn’t otherwise see, to recharge us, to sometimes reroute us in the direction we are intended to go. Don’t let the quiet scare you. Embrace it. It’s there for a purpose. It has a story to tell you. Next time you find yourself in the quiet, ask yourself, “What am I suppose to learn from this time?”.

What about you? Do resist those quiet seasons in you life? Do you have a story of something beautiful that came out of that time?

Maybe you are sitting in the quiet currently and your struggling to be okay with it. Leave me a comment. I want to encourage you right where you are!

Because maybe your small is enough. Your journey, your success, your life doesn’t have to fit the mold. What if you got quiet? What if you quieted out the noise, the fears, the uncertainty, the comparisons, the lies so that you’d be okay with the ‘small’? And so the ‘small’ could not only feel like enough but be enough?” (Excerpt from “Small”)

Did you catch my post “Small”? Go read it HERE! More on this topic coming soon!

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Keep shining, A. Flavio


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