I started out this year with a word.


Set on a journey to believe that in all things I was enough so that I could help you believe that you were entirely enough as well.

I sit here writing today trying to sort through the words to convince myself that truth; that I’m enough. That my small pieces I have to bring to the table are good and plenty. I sat here sorting through pages of words I had written in the past hoping I’d find the answers there, like some kind of gold ink would pop off the page giving my heart what I needed today. Mostly I discovered that there was a common thread on every page…

Do I have what it takes to do what I was designed to do? Will anyone care?

And then I stumbled upon these words that I’m not even sure when I wrote but they felt like my answer just waiting to be discovered in its right timing.

What if God’s saying, it’s okay, I can take your “small” and make waves with it. Because maybe your small is enough. Your journey, your success, your life doesn’t have to fit the mold. What if you got quiet? What if you quieted out the noise, the fears, the uncertainty, the comparisons, the lies so that you’d be okay with the “small”? And so the “small” could not only feel like enough but be enough?

Maybe you’re missing the point, April. Maybe God is saying, I just want you. No matter what anyone else thinks, I see you, I care, and I know that you’re already enough.

I share this with you, because maybe you too have days when you just don’t feel like enough. You’re exhausted trying to be. You’re tired of running the race of life and feeling like you just can’t keep up. Maybe you feel like you just don’t have anything to bring to the table or what you have is too small.

But what if we stopped believing these lies and started to believe that we could bring our small, seemingly unnoticed gift and God would do the rest?!

Make waves with it!!

Maybe we are continually missing the point, that we are all already entirely enough. We were created enough. We don’t have to do anything to become enough, because that gift was already given!

Let’s help one another remember just how enough we are! Shall we commit to doing that together?

What’s your small? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a note in the comment form below! ♥️

Keep shining, A. Flavio






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