The Next 30

What’s next??

I started out my year asking myself that question?
So now what?

I had such an amazing 2017 full of adventure and accomplishments, so much so, that walking into a new year left me feeling like, what’s next??

You’ve heard me say it before, but 2017 was a year of yes’s. I said yes to just about every opportunity that presented itself. I believe at the time that was exactly what I was suppose to do but with that also came some days feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted. By the end of the year I so badly wanted a break from everything in my life including blogging. I told myself I’d take a break for the holidays and then the holidays came and went and I hadn’t slowed down. Then I told myself I’d take a break the first of the year. January came and I felt like I had too many commitments already on my plate to take a break.

I’m a bit of a resolutions/goals nerd so the beginning of a new year is such a exciting time for me. I get pumped every year to dream and make my resolutions for the months to come. This year was different though. Something told me to set aside the resolutions for now and just really focus in on what’s most important. Out of that birthed my word for the year, “ENOUGH“. You can read more about that HERE.

With that came reflection and so many questions…

Was I doing enough?
Was I doing too much?
Should I continue blogging?
Should I quit altogether?
Had I lost my purpose?
What did I want things to look like moving forward?

I wanted to create space in my life for the things that mattered most. I wanted to slow down a little and choose my yes’s wisely. I wanted to evaluate my whys and what that meant for me moving forward.

Photo Credit: Mattea LinAe

So I decided to spend the next 30 days writing. Just writing each day, pouring my heart on paper the old fashion way, and shut down the noise and demands of life. Over the course of the 30 days I will be taking a break from posting on the blog, and I will be posting less on social media.

When I made this decision a few weeks ago that I would do this, it was so much about seeking vision and direction. I knew how much I loved blogging and how much I loved sharing my heart in this space but I knew there were some things I would need to do different if I was going to continue on this blogging journey.  I wanted to get clear about what that would look like. The idea of giving up blogging altogether made me sad but I was willing to do that if that meant there was something greater God had in store for me. Already in just the past week I believe God has started to show me so much and provided so much clarity on what to do with this sweet space. I know from past experience that sometimes you have to get quiet and be still to see or understand what’s next in life. So, I’m so excited for this next 30 days and I can’t wait to see what all God reveals during this time!

I’m challenging all of you to do something for the next 30 days with me! It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just choose one small thing that could ultimately impact your life. What do you need a break from? What’s one thing you can add to your daily routine that could make for a better day or future?
Let me know what you choose to do! I’d love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to meet me back here at the end of March! I’ll be sharing about my writing journey! I love you all! You guys bless me more than you know! See you soon!


And always remember that you are ENOUGH and that you already have exactly what it takes to do what you were designed to do!!

Did you miss what I challenged myself to the previous 30 days? You can catch up HERE

*All photos taken by the beautiful Mattea LinAe

Keep shining, A. Flavio



5 thoughts on “The Next 30

  1. I am not going to shop and buy things I do not need. That includes everything from impulse buys at the grocery store to not going to tj maxx! I’m tired of stuff.

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