My Word

“Sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire.”

Each year I choose a word to be my focus, my theme for the year. I’ve been doing this for years now. I love seeing this idea catch on and so many people doing the same and even sharing publically what word they have chosen. Every year I’m always amazed at how much one little word can impact my entire year. This year as I reflected back on the previous year and looked for vision for 2018 the same word kept entering my mind.


I thought that can’t be my word. I need something better. What am I suppose to do with the word enough? But time and time again, situation after situation it kept presenting itself, to the point I was convinced this was the word God had for me this year. I’m not totally sure where this word will lead me or what all it has in store for me but that’s the beauty of choosing a vision word. It will show up throughout the year in ways you could never imagine. It will shape and form the person you grow into being and become.

Here’s what I know for sure as I sit here and write this.IMG_2137

I want to be reminded every day that I am Enough. That God created me perfectly and wonderfully and equipped me with “enough” of all the right things to carry out His unique purpose for me.

I want you to be reminded every day that YOU are Enough. That God created you in the same beautiful and perfect way and that no matter what life throws at you today He has equipped you with a unique gift that no one else on earth has.

I want to be reminded every day that what I’ve been given and blessed with IS Enough. I so easily get caught up in wanting more or the next best thing or keeping up with the “Jones” status or running after success. I stress about money and things and trying to figure out how to make it all work. I want to remember how blessed and oh so lucky I am and that what I have been given is already enough.

And finally…
I want my life to reflect ENOUGH.
I want less “stuff” and more things I love.
I want more real conversations and less small talk.
I want more snail mail and less social media.
I want more quiet Sunday afternoons and less scrolling.
I want to create spaces I love and less cluttered messes.
I want less stress and more trusting that God’s plan is already absolutely and perfectly ENOUGH.

Will you join me as we walk into this year? Did you choose a word to focus on? I’d love to hear about it! I’d love to join you on your journey too! Leave me a comment or note below.

“If you are dissatisfied with what you have,
then you will never be satisfied with what you have.” – Anthony T Hincks

Keep shining, A. Flavio


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