#FlavioFavs No. 1


Welcome to this week’s #FlavioFavs! I always love seeing what everyone else is currently loving so I decided to share some of my current favorites!


CRAVING a caramel pumpkin spice latte from HERE.

COLLECTING  all things THIS COLOR this Fall.

Currently READING this BOOK and loving it!

LISTENING to this SONG on repeat.



What are some of your favorite things you can’t get enough of right now?! Sound off in the comments below because sharing is caring! 🙂 If you like this kind of post let me know and I’ll do more of them in the future. Until next time…

Keep shining, A. Flavio

3 thoughts on “#FlavioFavs No. 1

  1. I’m addicted to the salted caramel mocha at Starbucks right now. I think I need an intervention. The calories plus the cost is crazy but I can’t help myself!

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