Visible vs. Valueable


Ever feel like you know someone without actually knowing them?

That’s how I feel about Holley Gerth. She is a well known writer with several published books. This past year I read her book, “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream“. I’ll be honest it took me awhile to actually get through the book, not because I didn’t love it, but because it was so jammed packed full of goodness and truth I had to read it slowly to savor it all up. Her heartfelt words in her books and writings are like little golden nuggets of truth. She has a way of speaking to you in such a way that you feel as though she’s a friend sitting across the table from you sharing her thoughts over a cup of coffee. I think that’s a good sign of a great writer. I also think that’s a sign of someone genuine and true and passionate about their message.  I’m a subscriber to her email list and awhile back she showed up in my inbox with just the right encouragement I needed on that particular day. Coincidence?! I think not! Here’s a snippet of what she said…

“What’s visible isn’t more valuable. God sees us in the shadows and during the midnight hours and in the kitchen making scrambled eggs. He calls all we do out of love beautiful and precious and worthwhile. The less-visible parts of life aren’t second place; they are sacred space. “

Do you feel like your efforts are invisible? Or like you work tirelessly at something and it feels like it’s never noticed or all for nothing? So much of what we are doing and striving for can seem like this, but know this truth- whatever God is calling you to do or whatever season He has placed you in, know it’s not by accident. There is a purpose for you right where you, even if it seems simple or mundane or useless.

Just because it may feel invisible doesn’t mean that it’s invaluable. Re-read that and let it soak in for a minute. Just because it feels like you aren’t making a difference or doing anything important or of value know that it still matters! It has a place and time in your life. If you are seeking excellence in all that you do, even in the mundane day to day routines, know that it’s all a part of something so much greater that you may never know or be able to see. It doesn’t matter whether you are  impacting one person or 1,000 people. Some times it’s in the seemingly most invaluable places in your life that you are making the biggest waves without even knowing it. Keep on, keeping on my friend! You were made for a purpose!

IMG_8454I’m so honored and excited to be given the opportunity to be a part of Holley’s book launch team for her brand new book coming out in October called, Fiercehearted! It’s available for preorder right now. I promise this is going to be one you want on your “must read” list! Watch for future posts more about this coming book! Click on the link below to find out more information or to preorder now.

Keep shining, A. Flavio


3 thoughts on “Visible vs. Valueable

  1. Oh! I love what Holly emailed to you! Went straight to my heart! I will have to consider buying her book. As always, thanks for sharing. XOXO

  2. And thank you because I needed this too, April: Just because it feels like you aren’t making a difference or doing anything important or of value know that it still matters! It has a place and time in your life.

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