It’s My Birthday!!


Today is my birthday and I’m turning 34! Another year has passed and I can’t believe I’m here again already! Year 33 was good to me and I was lucky enough to have a few pretty great people walk into my life. Today I’m giving a special shoutout to a sweet mama, boss lady that I met this past year! It just so happens her birthday is today too! I get pretty excited about my birthday each year and I’m always wanting to do it up big, so knowing I share my birthday with someone else is pretty exciting stuff!

Kallie and I met through a mutual friend (who happens to be pretty great too 😉) on social media. That’s truly one of the best parts about social media is that you get the opportunity to meet people that you might not otherwise meet. Kallie and I have never met in person. I know crazy, right?! We hope to one day though! She doesn’t know this, but when telling others about her I’ve said I kind of made her be my friend. Haha! She was from the start so kind and such a sweet encouragement to me so much so, I thought, I want to be friends with this girl! I loved her outlook on life, her desire to live out her best self as a wife, a mom and a friend, and found myself relating to so many things she said. So, I made a point to keep in touch with her through text, little notes, and of course social media. I’m thankful to have gotten to know her and that our paths crossed when they did! Sorry Kallie, you had no idea I was seeking you out to be my friend. 😉

So since today we are turning a year wiser or maybe just a year older (the jury is still out on that) we thought we would each share three things we want this next year to be about! Hopefully we will inspire you too! Kallie is a wife, mom of two and a third on the way this next month! She is a Stella & Dot stylist and the blogger voice behind  Mom on Trend.

Kallie’s 29th Year:
1. Be more confident.
My personal motto for this year is to embrace the phrase, “You Are Enough”.

2. Create and establish a self care routine.
2 and 3 kids makes me anxious and it is a great encouragement to find some time for myself!

3. Strengthen and establish quality friendships.
Relationships are the key to happiness for me and my family. Making and keeping close and valuable friendships is something that is very important to me and I need to foster the ones I cherish!

My 34th Year:
1. Adventure
Say yes to spontaneity and gracious opportunities that come my way!

2. Creativity
Embrace my own kind of creativity, nurture it, share it, and be proud of it.

3. Be True to Myself
In all I do, may it be nothing less than who I am and was created to be.

Cheers to another year! We hope that we have inspired you to be you and never stop searching for your next friendship!
Thank you Kallie for sharing on the blog today! I hope your day and next year are as fabulous as you are!

Keep shining, A. Flavio


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