Spring Clean Your Life


Spring Cleaning Series
Declutter your house, your life, your mind. 💛

Spring is finally here! Or at least the calendar says so. I’m still waiting for the sunny, 70 degree days but I guess we can’t complain too much! I love this time of year! When everything starts to feel fresh and new and the warmth in the air just puts a smile on my face.  I’m a summer girl so spring’s arrival means just one step closer to that. I’ve been in spring clean mode lately! Anyone else ready to freshen up their lives?! Out with the old; in with the new! So, today I’ve put together a few tips on how to spring clean your life starting in your home.

When your home feels dirty, over cluttered and a mess you tend to feel a little frazzled yourself. Some times we don’t even know why we feel a bit on edge and chances are some of it has to do with your surroundings. So let’s start there!

1. Start small.
I have the tendency to become overwhelmed by all the things in my life that need to be decluttered so I end up doing nothing at all. Anyone else like that?? I’ve found it’s much easier to choose one small thing to tackle instead of trying to tackle them all at the same time. Choose a room, a corner, a drawer, a stack and concur that first before moving to the next thing. One small thing accomplished is better than nothing at all!

2. Get rid of one item daily.
This past month I decided to get rid of one thing per day. It doesn’t matter what it is, a clothing item, home décor, or some random thing you have lying around just get rid of one thing every day. This has worked so well for me that I’ve decided to do the same thing through the month of April. Some days it has been a struggle for me to come up with something I wanted to part with but I also have found that I am more likely to get rid of something when I know I have to choose something. And by only choosing one thing a day, I never get overwhelmed. By the time I’m done with the month of April I will have ridden my house of 61 things! That’s a great feeling! Who wants to join me this next month??

3. Do I really love this?
While going through things to get rid of, ask yourself a few questions. Does this inspire me to move forward or look back? It is something I really love or has special meaning to you? Does it bring me joy? Or is it something that is just taking up more space?
Asking yourself these questions will help you to determine how important it really is to you and if it’s worth keeping.

3. Establish a drop off day in your schedule.
The average person who purges things never actually manages to get the stuff out of their homes. To avoid this pick a day of the week that you’re going to designate as your drop off day. As soon as you fill up a bag of stuff immediately take it to your car and then on drop off day you’ll be all set to go.

4. Add fresh flowers to freshen up your home.
I know a lot of people think flowers are waste of money because they are just going to die in a few short days, but I love having pretty, fresh flowers in my home. They brighten and freshen up everything!

5. Diffuse your favorite scent.
I love the smell of Spring in the air! It feels warm and inviting which is how we want our homes to feel. Try diffusing your favorite essential oil in your home to put a little extra pep in your step!

I hope I have inspired you to do a little easy Spring cleaning! Stay tuned for more Spring cleaning tips in other areas of your life! Happy cleaning! 💛

Comment below with some tips of your own! Would love to hear them!

Keep shining,

A. Flavio


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