One Year Later…

March 9th:

It hadn’t hit me that today was the day till I got to work and noticed the date on my computer screen. A flood of emotions came over me, ones I was a little surprised by. One year ago today I was on my way to Ecuador on a mission trip! A trip that will forever be a part of me and hold a special place in my heart. As I thought back to that experience and what it meant to me, the joy and the sadness that came with it, I realized just how much God had done in my life over this past year since then!

I took some time today to read the words I had written a year ago about my trip. The adventures, the people, the emotions, the highs, and the lows. The words literally jumped off the pages and spoke to me in a way I wasn’t expecting. So many things that I wrote then took on a whole new meaning as I read them again today. Inside those words were answers, reminders, confirmations and full circle moments. You see I very much had doubted the journey I was on a year ago. I questioned everything, my life, my decisions, my future; but God knew all along that I was exactly where He wanted me to be at exactly the right time! Everything then was a piece to now! 🖤
To read my “Post Ecuador” blog entry from last year go here 👉🏼


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