Chapter 2016


img_4944As I sit here reflecting on this past year, it’s crazy to me that it’s about to come to a close. There were times this past year I would have liked to speed it up and get it over with but also times I wanted to pause it and slow it down.

I think we all wish to look back on the year and feel like we accomplished big things. I wish I had some tangible things to hold in my hand like a shiny new metal to symbolize what 2016 was all about. For me this year was about the little things, no metals, no flashing marque; just the simple, hard to find, almost unnoticed things of life.

For me this year was about “being still”. Each year I choose a theme, something to focus on all year. I had no idea in January when I chose this just how important it was going to be for me. It’s funny how each year seems to work out like that! God laid it on my heart to just rest in Him, to let Him take care of everything and allow myself to be. I didn’t know what this year was going to look like. In fact, I never quite worried about what my future would look like, like I have this year. God knew how much I was going to need to practice just being still in the unknown. So maybe there were no flashing neon signs but here’s what 2016 was about for me…

1. It was about being still and patient. Oh my was it about being patient!

2. It was about being in the moment each day and not stressing about anything beyond that.

3. It was about the people that showed up unexpectedly and moments that surprised me.

4. It was about old friendships made stronger.

5. It was about the tiny details of other people’s stories that somehow God allowed me to be a part of!

6. It was about sitting still and letting God take care of the big stuff.

7. It was about starting where you are. Using what you have. Doing what you can.

This year wasn’t what I had planned or envisioned or even wished for but the things that came out of it though seem small and even insignificant to me sometimes, I know are nothing short of small in the big scheme of life!

So to all my sweet friends and readers, thanks for following along on this journey of life with me! I love you all and am so encouraging by your precious comments! Let’s close this 2016 chapter and move forward into all 2017 has in store!

Keep shining loves,
A. Flavio 🙂


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