Share the Love

fullsizerenderIf you have been following my little blog for some time now you might remember that a couple years ago I started a little project called, “Share the Love”. The idea was simple really. I committed to sending out ten packages to friends and included in the package would be a gift for that friend plus an additional gift to give to whomever they wished. I was intentional about the people I chose to send gifts to and only hoped that a little love would be felt from each package sent during a time of year that for some isn’t always the jolliest.

Last year I wrote a blog to follow up on that project and sadly admitted that the project didn’t take off like I’d hoped it would. I had big dreams for it and hoped that the idea would spread like fire and random people all over the world would be touched with love that season.  That didn’t exactly happen but I was still hopeful that someone was encouraged by it. I didn’t send out packages last year but I encouraged people to go out of their way to do something extra special, more than just the usual Christmas gift, for the people they cared about most.

This year I’m encouraging you to do something a little different but still keeping with the share the love theme! I’m challenging you to send out handwritten notes or cards and words of encouragement to not just your family and close friends but to maybe someone you don’t know very well or someone who may really need to feel loved this holiday season! In the day of social media, texting and emailing I think the handwritten note has gotten a little lost. There is still something so special about receiving a letter or card that someone took the time and thought to send out. So let’s be those kind of people that stop to take the time to share a little love with someone! Let’s see how many notes we can send out this month! Will you join me?!

You can read more about the original Share the Love post here:

Keep shining,
All my love,

A. Flavio 🙂


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