Dear Younger Me…

Have you ever thought about if you could go back and tell your younger version things, what those things might be?? If you could guide your younger self, that little girl where would you lead her? If you could tell her all the tricks of the trade, the lessons learned, which paths to follow and which ones to skip, would you? Would you have sent her to a new place she had never dreamed of going or would you have kept her in the same place she chose? Would you tell her all the secrets or would you let her figure it out for herself?

Or maybe you wouldn’t reroute her in a new direction at all because where she ended up was exactly where she needed to be. But perhaps along the way you’d tell her things she needed to hear; the things she needed to believe to get her through the journey. Maybe you would tell her she was strong and she was brave. Maybe you would tell her she had exactly what it takes and to always keep fighting for her dreams and the woman she was created to be. You might tell her things like it’s okay or she did her best. You might tell her the road was going to be bumpy and the turns might get a little crazy at times but she’d make it through. You might tell her she was loved on the days she felt most unloved. You’d tell her it was ok to let her hair down and let all her flaws and imperfections show. You’d tell her to be her because nobody can do it better.  You’d most definitely tell her how much she was valued and cared for and not to ever feel alone.

If you knew then what you know now…. would you go back?  Would you do it differently? Or would you do it all over again exactly the same way because you knew every bit of it brought you to here. Right here. And that’s not such a bad place to be. 😊


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