I’m Celebrating!!

It’s been a year! Holy cow, how has it been a year already?!
I moved back to my home state of Illinois and started a new life one year ago today, Sept 8th! It has been a journey, a wild ride, a roller coaster of events for sure!

Through the ups and downs of the year, I have learned a thing or two. Here is what this past year has taught me:

1. Never stop doing the little things that bring you joy because they are what will get you through the difficult times.

2. Be proud of all the moments you took a risk, even if that risk seemed like it didn’t get you anywhere.

3. Vaseline can cure almost everything…well almost everything. 😉 Seriously though, how did I not know about this secret before?!

4. Sometimes, it’s okay to just be okay.

5. For the first time in my life I felt like what it truly meant to “be still”.

6. After working in the beauty industry for years and spending tons of money on products, I’ve discovered there are a few drug store items that I love just as much. Message me later if you want to know my new found favorites. 😊 Sorry Bella girls!

7. Even in the midst of failure, even if one small victory comes out of it, it’s a success!

8. The small things are truly the big things.

9. Never forget your dreams and passions because they will always be what make you come alive.

10. God created me uniquely and for a purpose. A purpose only I was designed to achieve.

Some days I wasn’t sure if I’d make it a year. So today, I’m celebrating because in the midst of all the things that felt like a failure during this past year, this feels like a success, that I made it through! So today, come celebrate with me! Cheers to the next year! Sending out all my love to those who were a part of this past journey!

Keep shining my loves,
A. Flavio


5 thoughts on “I’m Celebrating!!

  1. Hi April!! It doesn’t seem like it has been a year already!! I am glad that you are happy and that you are glad that you made the right move. Really do miss you at Bella, I was there yesterday and your replacement needs to be replaced!! Lol. She just isn’t you, but then nobody is you:) Guess you knew that your buddy broke her big toe, she isn’t complaining, ( that isn’t her style ) but I know she was in pain.. I hope to see you sometime when you are in town:)
    Until then, take care and maybe I will see you someday..

    1. Hey Sally! Thanks for stopping by the blog! In a lot of ways it doesn’t seem like a year has gone by either!! I miss your stylish, sweet self too! Amanda and I should plan a little coffee date with you next time! Would love to see you! Take care lady. 🙂

      1. Good luck reading my notes. I can send you my reference list once I’ve finished the class. The key book for the study that I’ve recommended as reading during the study is S.H.A.P.E. by Erick Rees.

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