“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.”

Today is my birthday!!

Someone asked me the other day if I had any birthday wishes this year. I responded with, “Rainbows and butterflies and fairy tales.” I don’t really even like butterflies so let’s insert confetti with butterflies. 😉 I joke all the time with one of my dear friends that fairy tales don’t exist. Some days that’s the cynical side of me talking and some days it’s a reminder to my friend so that we don’t get too carried away with feeling like we have to have the “perfect” life. However, in a perfect world wouldn’t rainbows and confetti and fairy tales be nice?!

Birthdays have always been something I’ve looked forward to and celebrated with great excitement no matter the age. In fact, I’m never opposed to celebrating the whole month of April and some years I have done just that. It’s easy to get wrapped up on the negative aspects of birthdays, that we are getting older, that we haven’t done all that we wanted to accomplish at this point in our lives, that the number just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. I’m definitely feeling those things this year but birthdays are meant to celebrated! Life is meant to be celebrated! It means we get one more day, hopefully one more year to make our time here on earth amazing! So this year I’m celebrating how far this past year has taken me. I’m celebrating the struggles I’ve overcome and the joys I’ve embraced. I’m celebrating the people in my life that continually stand by my side, encourage me and speak goodness into my life. I’m celebrating this year of being 33 and all that the future has in store!

So come share a piece of cake with me and let’s celebrate together!

A. Flavio 🙂


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