Building My Dream Castle


I spent years, countless hours, and an ungodly amount of money to travel back in forth from Missouri to Illinois to spend time with people that I love. Now since moving to Quincy my six minute drive to work is about as far as I go most weeks. As absolutely crazy as it sounds, I miss it. Yes, crazy I know! Driving turned into one of my favorite things. Sure it got old weekend after weekend but I loved those hours on road, with my music turned up as loud as it could go, the sun in my eyes, and time alone with nothing but my thoughts, apart from life’s craziness. Some of my greatest inspirations, wildest dreams and craziest ideas were born on those countless drives! It undoubtedly served a purpose.

So the other day I got in my car and went for a drive! And let me tell you I was not disappointed!

I spent the majority of the year 2015 dreaming! Something I hadn’t taken the time to really do much of before because some times I’m too much of a realist. It was laid on my heart to dream big that year and not just dream it but believe it. So that’s exactly what I did and come September an opportunity to move and change my life drastically fell in my lap.

Can I be real with you for a minute? After all I started blogging because I wanted to be open and share my heart with my readers. I’ve always strived to be someone who you could count on to be real and genuine.

I had dreamed about change! I was seeing some of those dreams of 2015 within distance, dreams that finally seemed within arms reach. I thought I knew what my life would look like living here. But if I’m being honest with you, it wasn’t exactly like what I had envisioned. And when that realization hit me, I was devastated. I hate admitting that because some part of me feels like maybe I failed or even worse I failed the people that I love the most. It took me some time to accept that truth and be ok with it. Some days still, life happens and I have to remember this is all a part of a greater plan.

I’m ready to start dreaming again though and I have a hunch that those dreams of 2015 are still in the works with a few extra ones sprinkled on top. Perhaps I just needed to trudge through some rough terrain and a few potholes to get me to the next level dreaming.

Will you dream with me?! What are your wildest dreams? I want to hear about them. I have a feeling some amazing things are on the horizon!
And you might just find me on the road a little more often!

Keep shining my loves,
A. Flavio


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