Let the Journey Begin

In just a couple days I’ll be heading to Ecuador on a mission trip! I can’t believe the time has finally come! Feels like we have been planning for this trip forever. I’m ready!  Over the last couple of months, I can’t help but think back to my first two mission trips. Those trips impacted my life in such big ways and brought friendships into my life that I still hold dear to my heart.
Sarah, if you are reading this, know how thankful I am for you over the years and I may never have survived the hike through the jungle of Costa Rica without you there cheering me on or rather us grumbling together thinking if we had to go one more mile we might just die right there. 😉
Nathan, if you are reading this, know how thankful I am for your continued friendship and I may never have survived the adventures in the Dominican with out you there by my side always bringing humor to each situation.
I’m thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to travel to other countries and shine a little of Jesus into others lives. What a blessing! I know that God has great things in store for this trip as well!
I would love it if you would pray along with me for this trip. Please pray for safety and good health as we travel. Pray that our team would bond together and that beautiful relationships will come out of this experience. Pray for the families that we touch that they would be blessed and encouraged from our time together. Pray for the children that they may be showered with God’s love. And lastly, pray for each heart, that it will be open to whatever God has to show each one of us through this experience.
I can’t wait to see what God does in my life, the lives of my teammates, and the lives of the people we will encounter while we are there. I know there are so many amazing things in store and I’ll be excited to come back and share with you! Thank you to each and everyone of you that has supported me financially! You made this trip happen! You are a part of this trip; I could not be doing it without you. Incredibly grateful for each of you!
See you real soon,
A. Flavio 🙂

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