Life’s Beautiful Moments

So yesterday I came to this little spot to write. I love it here! It’s my happy place! It’s beautiful! It’s peaceful! It has all the right things to create thought and inspiration! As I sat here on a Sunday afternoon, I thought about all the things I’m grateful for, all the things that I love. I thought about how lucky I am and how blesssed I am to live this sweet little life! I thought about how much I’ve changed in the last couple years and how much God has grown me and molded my heart! And out of all that, I thought what is it that I want to share with people most?
It’s simple really. It’s this…
Savor up every single moment! We are never guaranteed how many we will get.
Be grateful even in the messy parts of life because beautiful things come out of messes!
Stop to breathe…to take it all in…in this busy, fast pace life we live!
Get excited about the silly, ridiculous things in life! I promise life will be way more fun.
Keep on smiling even on days you want to give up!
Take time to just be….to be You!
It’s really that simple if you let it be!
I hope you have an amazing week! As always thanks reading along! Thankful for you peeps!
Keep shining,
A. Flavio 🙂

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