Top Summer Must-Haves!

Happy Summer!!
Those of you that know me well know my deep love for summer months! I love everything about summer from sunshine, pools, bbq’s, flowers, and fashion. There is something about summer that brings out a more joyful spirit in most people. So for me I soak up the sun and fun as much as I can! I put together a list of what I think is this summer’s must have fashions to add to your wardrobe this year!
1. A headband/wrap/knot- A little headscarf can add a lot of style to any simple outfit. Doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short; anyone call pull it off!
2. Metallic or any bright colored flipflops- Add some color flops to spice up any outfit!
3. A simple white tee- Can be a crew or vneck. Pair it with harem pants, a maxi skirt, or a pair of jeans.
4. A Panama hat- A wide brimmed hat is great for those days you don’t want to have to do much with your hair or great for protecting your face from harmful sun rays. I’ve yet to add this one to my wardrobe but it is a definite must-have. 🙂
5. Anything novelty- This time of year everything is patriotical themed! I love the 4th of July, so I’ve added a lot of red, white, and blue to my wardrobe. Anything from scarves, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, tank tops and denim.
5. A denim shirt- A classic denim shirt can be worn with just about anything. Add it to a summer dress or mix denim shades for a denim head to toe look! Could denim possibly be the new black?!
6. Bright nail polish- This summer is all about neon shades! Go for a bright coral or green for fingers and toes.
7. Harem/Palazzo pants- Every shade, floral or print..they are everywhere and a must-try, must-have!
These are my top favs for my wardrobe! What are some of your summer fashion secrets? What styles are you loving this season?
Thanks for reading…until next time!
A. Flavio 🙂

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