Year 30 in the distance…

As I sit here and reflect on the past year of being 30 there aren’t enough words to describe the journey! It’s been a year of change and growth in ways I never imagined. When I look at myself now I see a different woman standing before me. I’ve said good bye to few things and said hello to new faces and new experiences. I’ve learned to love to write and even grown fond of reading. I’ve learned to enjoy and value my time alone. I’ve learned to be ok with life’s seasons and know that they came and went for a reason. I’ve learned to follow my passions and my heart for it is within those things I find joy. I’ve learned it’s ok not to be perfect, it’s okay to have a bad day, and it’s okay to not always have a plan. I’ve gained a few more gray hairs and a few more pounds but that’s ok. I’ll gather up my year 30 life lessons and head right on into year 31!

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