By definition means, “the quality or appeal of being new”. For some of us there is a certain kind of appeal to the fresh and new. There is a unique excitement we get when we receive or experience something new in our lives. Most of us enjoy getting new things like a new pair of shoes or downloading a new album on itunes. Working in a salon I see people than yearn for the newness of a change in hair style or hair color. They walk out of the salon feeling like a different person because they just cut 5 inches of hair off or changed from being a brunette to a blonde.Β  Often times when a client leaves they will say this phrase, “I feel like a new woman”. We can all relate to that feeling in some way! There is something about it that makes us suddenly feel like we can take on the world. πŸ™‚

This time of year many will be talking about new year’s resolutions. Let’s face it we all make them, whether we take them serious or not is another question. In the beginning there’s that same appeal, that newness of the new year and making changes for a better year than the last. Why is it though that we can’t ever seem to committ to those changes? We throw out ideas and goals like losing 15 lbs or starting a gym membership or giving up drinking soda or whatever it may be for you that you want to get better at this year. Somehow, for a lot of us that fresh idea of newness doesn’t stick around very long into the new year. A few short weeks in and we have given up all together! I’m here to say let’s put a stop to that! πŸ™‚

I am one that loves to set goals for the new year! I’m actually kind of a nerd when it comes to goal setting. I love it! It’s brings joy and excitement to me! For the past few years I have put together what I call an image board for the year. I typically pick a “theme word” for the year that sums up what I want my year to focus on. I collage together words, phrases, and pictures of things I want to work on or accomplish throughout the year. It can be anything from silly things I want to do to something serious I really want to work on in my personal life. I put my board up somewhere where I’m able to see it everyday as a reminder. Some years I am able to look back at my board and feel like I had accomplished much of what I set out to for that year and unfortunately there were times I’ve looked at it feeling like I had fallen short of my goals. I love starting the new year out fresh though as if it were a clean slate and the opportunities for the new year are endless. You might be reading this thinking what a corny idea and that’s ok if you do! πŸ™‚ I always say it’s the little things in life that bring joy….even as simple as a collage board. If you are reading this thinking that sounds fun, or like a good idea I encourage you to create an image board for your life this year. I’m here to challenge you along with myself! You never know what you might accomplish this year because of it! Get a group of friends together and make it a fun event that you do together! We can be whoever we want to be! Who will you be in 2014? What’s your theme word?

“Every new day is a another chance to change your life.”


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