What’s your story?

There is a message in every story. The trick is to find what that message is. We all have a story.  Those stories come in different lengths, different packages,  and different sizes. Some are painful, some are joyful, some are difficult to tell, some make us smile,  and some make us cry.
The older I get the more I’ve realized the value in one’s story.  And the older I get I realize the beauty in understanding people’s stories around me. It’s what makes us who we are and shapes us in new ways.  We all live our lives and make decisions based on our past’s stories, whether it means we have learned from them or whether it means we are repeating the same story over again.
I am moved by eloquent writers and beautiful story tellers. Do you remember when you were a child and your mom or dad would sit you down and read you a story? Most of us probably had our favorite book that we would pick out over and over again. It would seem that we never got tired of hearing the same story read to us time and time again. There was be something about that story that we clung to and desired to hear told.
With every story comes a lesson, a journey, a message….what’s your story? What message screams from your heart that you desire to share with others? What journey have you experienced will impact the person sitting next to you? What lesson will speak volumes to someone near by that hasn’t heard it spoken quite like you can say it? What part of your story brings passion and excitement to your life? Like any good book, it deserves to be told, and heard, and read time and time again….for there is a message in every story!

“The world is shaped by two things- stories told and the memories they leave behind.”- Vera Nazarian


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